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"Whose Line is it anyway?"A whosers graphic community.

Whose Line is it anyway graphics.
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- B a s i c-

Welcome to,"wlgraphics".This community is dedicated to all of the whosers who have extreme talent and make whose line is it anyway graphics.But have no fear if you can't make graphic's you're still more then welcome to join!You can even use some for your own use,of course only with given credit and permission.=)

- R u l e s -

* Like I said before,anyone can join.
* ALWAYS-ALWAYS give credit if you are taking a piece of work and tell the owner that you're taking it.
* Be respectful to others work,some may be more advanced then others.
* If someone needs help with something,do your best to help them!
* If you're posting a large wallpaper or a big amount of icons,etc. use a lj tag.